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Slow Grazer/Hay Feeder for Horses

Let your horse graze naturally
Slow feed with an eazigrazer®

Slow Natural Grazing Equine Hay Feeder

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Your horse has evolved to graze at ground level on an almost continuous basis, and it’s well known that restricting this natural behaviour contributes to the many health and behavioural issues associated with domestic horses. If your horse cannot have access to 24/7 grazing in the field, then slow feeding hay at a natural low level is the best way to ensure your horse stays healthy and contented.

Eazigrazer® is the ideal slow hay feeding solution, simulating the natural grazing behaviour essential to your horse's wellbeing. So simple and easy to use, the investment won’t only improve life for your horse. Eazigrazer will save you time, effort and money, giving you the freedom to enjoy more time with your happy and healthy horse!

This is what an eazigrazer® can do for your horse... what about for you?

Slow Hay Feeder For Horses.

natural slow hay feeder

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